Thursday, November 1, 2007

Just a quickie

Aaaaaw I went and saw a new baby tonight. Soooo cuuuute! Little Rhys, didn't even make me clucky though so I am definately NOT having anymore kids. My 2 have driven me insane lately, a 3rd would send me over the edge completely!!!

While they were at mum's and I had a spaer hour I got busy with publisher and finally made the raffle books, made the covers, posters, flyers and even did the calendar bottoms. Now I just have to print out 150 copies of raffle tickets, and over 1000 pages of calendars!!! Geeez I'll be a busy girl! Here is the 2008 calendar, every page is a different colour scheme. I just hope it is all right, I make it all manually using a spread sheet. Hope the dates are all correct. Then everyone makes an A4 sized custom top which I laminate and bind with the bottom. Finished product looks really good if I do say so myself. Now I just have to get time to make one for us and all the family members!! We usually raise over $1000 each year doing this fundraiser but I have to do it ALL and it is a LOT of work.

And here is the top half! Closest thing I'll get to a layout for now :( I'm really happy with it.