Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Google me!

Wow it is very interesting what you'll find when you google yourself. Flergs seems a very original username, so original that the first 3 whole pages of google responses are ME, no other Flergs. Links to my galleries, forums, My Space etc....apparently there is one other, a guy who posts in a Holden Car forum. I did email him once asking about his name but I never got a response :(
Flergs= My name is Megan. My friend's name is also Megan. To stop confusion she is Mergan and I am Flergan. Then shortened to Flergs.
And how interesting is this little link I found talking about me (all good stuff thank god)!! http://serendipityscrapbooks.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=67926&sid=99d5b17aaa1a1befcef1ab0eb77d4819
Only bad thing was my MSN username plastered for all to see right in the google results, I'll just have to remember to block any psycho's!! I might go back and take off my addy anyway. It was an old site I don't visit anyway.
And I have many requests for the glitter again. It will be available soon at http://www.scraphead.com/ but I will add a freebie again, maybe just a few basic colours? gold, silver, red, blue, green, pink, purple etc...???
The whole 50+ coloured glitters will be available to purchase soon.
Actually I am working on a glitter pack with more than the 50 colours. Like 8 of each colour, 8 pink ranging from soft to dark etc....so all up will be 150 glitters! How much would you pay for that? All colour packs are in the same hue, just different shades so they will all compliment each other. I will also make colour packs like christmas colours, baby girl colours etc...
That's it for today, even though it is only 10:15 am. All I have planned is to get this Playgroup fundraising stuff done. My CT guest spot for Kiki has come to an end so that is more time I have to concentrate on non-scrapping computer time. And unfortunately I had to leave Bella Gypsy CT for a while too so I can spend more time doing what I need to get done. I'm tossing & turning about Lindsay's CT too, whether to stay and churn out a page whenever I can or to leave temporarily till I am finished. I'll be so glad when my Secretary position comes to an end.

Special Halloween Freebie HERE
We don't celebrate it here so it isn't a big deal. It would be so cool to dress up & celebrate though. Here are some photo's from the only halloween we have ever had. In 2004 at Dave & Kim's house. Kim was pregnant with Brandon at the time.

My friend Megan had her second son at 6.35 am this morning. Rhys Daniel. I can't wait to visit and see him. So far only phone camera photos.