Sunday, October 28, 2007

Toot Toot!!

Wow for me! Gallery Standouts twice in one week!! For these 2 layouts:

Plus this layout is to be featured HERE on November 9Th as a layout recipe!

How cool is that!

PLUS! I made it into gallery standouts at Peppermint Creative!! Check out Miss Mint's blog post HERE


Look what my gorgeous hubby bought for me! It was supposed to be a surprise for our 10 year wedding anniversary in November but when he read the returns policy it is only good for 30 days. So he had to show me early so I could get it the right size. And of course it swims on my finger! My wedding & engagement rings are huge on me and since losing a lot of weight they are unwearable. The simple fly off my finger, they are sooooo big. And I am too superstitious to have them re sized, the whole part about the wedding ring being an unbroken bond yada yada yada and cutting my ring to re size would be cutting that bond yada yada yada. I loved my engagement ring the moment I saw it. It's not a diamond or expensive but I love it. It was the one I wanted. My new bling is my eternity ring and if I get it nice and small it should keep the others from flying off

UGH excuse the wrinkly hands! Too much water & chemicals over the years!

Godzilla is my new name for Kaylee. Why? She seems to roar all day. But mainly because she leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes!! So far today I have had 2 litres of straight orange cordial poured onto my carpet! Then she goes and jumps back in the bath with her pyjama's on!!! WHAAAAT!!! She has been more destructive in her 17 months of life than Deacon has been in his whole 5 years! She is going to be such a handful....