Friday, November 2, 2007

Big Post!!

Deacon has started Little Aths (athletics) and poor little bugger just keeps coming last every race :( But tonight he didn't! He managed to actually come in second last in the longest race of all!

He is not showing promise in the running but other events like the shot put & long jump he just loves! And that is what it is all about....FUN!!! Discus is showing great promise though, he is really getting the hang of it and is getting better & better each time. We have ordered a special kids discus to practice with.

We live right across the road from the athletics track, I mean RIGHT across the road, like a 30 second walk to get to it. So we have all of the discus, shot put, track & long jump facilities to use whenever we like, we'll get in some practice during the week. They are just too young to understand yet, still babies at 5, they just want to run around and play.

So funny during the 100 metre run the kids yell out "run like a monster is chasing you!"

Check out the form!

WOW!! Miss Mint released such excellent new stuff today. I finally spent my $10 gift card, these are my new goodies!!

And this is what I have created!!

This is so cool, a calendar that sits in a CD holder. Click photo for the original idea from Miss Mint. And mine is done!


Hopefully this weekend I will be the latest designer to join http://www.scraphead.com/ I am just waiting to see my stuff actually in the store!! Here is a sneak peek of some stuff I hope will be in store this Sunday/Monday. I will have to be my own CT and use my stuff to get it seen.