Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Can you handle this?

Get ready for a load of product previews!!!

As you may already know I start my new exclusive store at SBG this week! Friday to be exact. And man have I been busy! I can show you all but one thing, I still haven't finished it but it will be ready by tomorrow night.

And I will also announce the contest winner! It was so hard to choose just one! But I have a list of 24 finalists that I will be contacting for future guest CT spots. I was blown away with the amount of entries I have had! And I hope some of you are up for a guest role sometime during 2008?

Also my gorgeous head CT boss lady Anne has been so busy and such a help to me, and now we have a newsletter! So I hope you will all sign up to get my monthly newsletter which will have new releases, sales, freebies, tutorials, layouts & more!!

Sign up HERE or click the Newsletter link above.

I also have a new blinkie to snag!

New releases for February!

And there is even more glitter colours, glitter gel styles and more funky things to be released!!

In store Friday! HERE