Friday, February 1, 2008


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We had such a hard time deciding the winner of this competition. I was overwhelmed with the awesome response I had from you all. I really truly appreciate the effort you all went to and the layouts you all sent in were amazing.

Please don't be discouraged to apply for CT calls in future. There is some amazing talent out there and you never know what a designer is after. The winner wasn't just chosen by me, my CT girls all had their input and in the end we voted.

Sorry I haven't had the chance to contact you all personally, but I have had such a mad & busy few weeks I cannot explain! I have all of your details & layouts, galleries etc kept for future reference for future CT positions as well as guest CT spots. I have enough for the next few years to never need an actual CT call!!!

Thanks again everyone, I am truly honored that you all liked my designs enough to want to be a part of my CT. I appreciate each & every layout I saw. And I am still making my way around to leave love to you all in your galleries! WOW it is a big task!

*UPDATED Feb 4th 2008*

I have edited my long explanation.

Sorry but it seems no matter how I try there are just so many people so negative about not winning. And I never wanted this to be an unhappy contest.

In the end it was a poll in our forum, voting was anonymous, and Crystal won. Not because she used my products, just because she won the vote. And we are all thrilled to have Crystal in our little CT family.

I'm sorry I could only pick one. And I hope no one is scared to try again. There was not one layout sent in that didn't make the grade, each & every one was amazing.

I just hope everyone enjoyed their freebie they got to play with while having a go.

Thanks again everyone, I am blown away by you all.