Saturday, December 15, 2007

Shameless plug! And some other stuff hehe

First off here is the new stuff just added to scraphead. Be warned I sat up till 2am making the QP's! hahaha hope they are ok.

Glitters are also available for PSP users!
And here is quick page 6 with a couple of extra elements:

Secondly, my day!

Well it is official Kaylee HATES Santa!! OMG talk about a scream fest on poor Santa's knee!!! So it ends up costing $25 for just photos of Santa with Deacon!! Oh well he will get a beautiful Christmas layout soon! hahaha poor Kaylee was NOT impressed. Silly thing is she has seen him at 2 break ups in the same week and didn't care less. But when she is all dressed up purdy she screams like a banshee! CRAZY! So we ended up going for morning tea. Deacon had a massive lime spider! oooo I love em. And he even got a free donut, then I ate too much and probably gained back all the weight I have lost this week :( what an idiot.