Monday, December 17, 2007

Part 1 & 2

I have loads of new pics to upload so for now I'll call this part 1. Yesterday was Mum's 60th, (and her twin brother's as well LOL) birthday and we went out for tea. The kids had a ball, made loads of noise & mess! But it was all good. Today was a final kinder Christmas break up, jumping castle, face painting etc....I got roped into doing the balloon animals of course.
Some photos from last night

My new avatar photo (while I had make up on I thought I'd take a shot)

New products uploaded last night as well.

Back later for part 2 and some photos from today.

Part 2. More photos from the kinder break up today. Deacon had his face painted & green hair spray, he kept screwing up his face for photos.