Thursday, December 13, 2007

Busy Day & a freebie

Very busy day today, no computer time!

This morning was Deacon's last official Kinder day. Santa paid a visit and gave him a great book. We had our little party too, great fun. Then I worked till 7.30pm. What a looooong day.

Well my first ever BOY kit is almost finished. Just a few more elements and I need a name! Wowsers this is a hard one. It was inspired by Deacon's wardrobe, denim, reds, browns, burnt oranges & a little green. Lots of rusty old iron elements like staples, paperclips & brads. Some rusty frames & stars. Cord wrap & eyelet tie etc....here is a sample so far.

So hopefully I'll get it finished to go in store ASAP. Here is a layout with it.