Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Theodore Teddy's Visit!

Yesterday Theodore the Teddy came home with Deacon for a sleepover!

We strapped him in and took a ride to Nana & Poppy's house. Theodore ate way too many lollies so Deacon brushed his teeth for him. Then we went home and Theodore & Deacon
played on the computer & jumped on the trampoline.

Then after tea they put on their jammies & brushed their teeth & hair.
And watched Futurama until bedtime.

Theodore, Bluebeary1, Bluebeary 2, Baby & Deacon all slept in Deacon's bed!! And ended up with Mum during the night. What a squeeze!

We all went to the playground today, fed the ducks, went on the slide & swing,
then off to Nana's for another visit.

Here is a (very quick) page about Theodore's trip that we put
together to paste into Theodore's book.

This page I did VERY quickly for the challenge here