Thursday, October 18, 2007

WOW! I won at FPD!

My layout for the Think Pink Breast Cancer challenge got picked. Wow what a shock, I only found out from Brooke's comment this morning on my win and I thought "What the hell is she on about?" so check it out http://www.funkyplaygrounddesigns.com/blog/ how exciting. What a bad night I have had, very late bedtime, no sleep and up at 5.30am, gee thanks Kaylee :(

Back later for the rest of today's news. I am still in my PJ's but like a true scrapaholic I had to get on & check my sites before a shower! hahaha.

Well I'm back and it's now 9.26pm and I have just finished work. My client has seriously just left so I can finally get back on the computer. I feel like crap today, sore throat & bad headache. Deacon has had conjunctivitis since Saturday and is almost over it and now Kaylee has got it. She has been waking up at 5.30am lately too so I am on serious lack of sleep. I doubt I'll be doing many pages until after Christmas now, I am secretary of our local Playgroup and I have TONS of computer stuff to do. Print raffle tickets, sell raffle tickets, organize raffle prizes, print our fundraising calendars, collate them, bind them, sell them etc....last year there were over 150 I think so I do them all by hand. Print out the 12 months, laminate the top section, bind them. PHEW! Thank god we make heaps of money from it. I'm excited that my calendars this year should be awesome now I know how to digi scrap.

Come to think of it I need to start the calendar part, I make it all by hand in publisher. Nicer than the generic template calendars. That will be my next bog job to get that done. And the newsletter is due out soon which I do. After the end of this year I am stepping down so I can relax a bit and just enjoy Playgroup time with Kaylee instead of always working.

We got the cutest Christmas presents from Deals Direct. I am going to add some gardening gloves, seeds and a pot of dirt. Luckily we had too many and I could buy some for cost price.

Well I am off for an early night in bed. Hopefully I will get a chance to scrap tomorrow, I need to do my CT layouts, so far only one this month for each. My other exciting news is that I was asked if I was interesting in selling my product (actions mainly) in a digi store. I'm still thinking, I'd hate to do it and have my stuff be considered total crap. I'll end up the one getting flamed on the smack blogs! And I just could not handle that, I'm a very sensitive person. I'm still waiting for my first nasty trollish ANON comment here, I just know it will happen one day. So sad that Hot Digi Picks had trouble, it's a great site.

Nighty nite!