Monday, October 15, 2007


Well I have a BIG freebie for download. GLITTER! Noone can ever have enough glitter. I have made styles to apply to anything to turn it into glitter. I made them today for my own use, I was sick of doing it manually so I'm happy to share with you all. It is in 2 parts as it is massive. There are loads of colours so I have grouped them together eg. Pinks, Blues, Greens etc....here is a preview. It is the same glitter I use on my layouts so check out the end result. I hope it works, I have never made a style before.

Grab them here
Coming soon is something I made today, a clear glue style, a puff paint style & a liquid mercury style. Makes any text look like it is made of clear glue, and also a puff paint style to make any text look like shiny puff paint. I also used in on a paint splat & brush for great 3D shiny gel effects. Will upload soon. Anyone after anything in particular I'll try and make it. Here is a sneak peek at them. Next up is a Glitter Gel Style