Saturday, October 6, 2007

I finally bought Christina Renee and got RAK'd by Karah Fredricks & Juniana!!!

UGH I finally took the plunge. I have been holding off for so long because I knew once I started I couldn't stop. And already I have spent more then I had in paypal so now I have to wait for a echeque to clear!! Arrgggghh.

I so wished I had been game enough to apply for her CT call. But there is so much good talent out there that I knew I was outgunned. Luckily my CT's have asked me and I haven't had the rejection yet, so that's probably what turned me off.

So now I am happily waiting for my CRD products to be available and I can't wait!!! This is what I'm waiting impatiently for:

The skinny mini ribbons is the first thing I ever saw of Christina's and I went to her store and was blown away. I could hear my paypal account shivering nervously so without even looking I made a bookmark and left the store quick smart knowing one day I'll have the courage to come back and shop. The collection looks so awesome, those flowers are what I am really hanging out for.

And when I logged onto DST today I had been RAK'd by Karah Fredricks! Shanna4 RAK'd me for Karah. A $5 gift voucher to Blue Flombingo!!!

I have been totally in love with Karah's fold templates since I bought one last week so now I have 2 more! I also bought some cool ribbons. And I must add too that Karah's customer service is AAA+++ after she sorted out a query I had no worries at all. Great people to deal with, very professional. This is what I got:

And lastly, I logged on to DST again and suprise! This was in my inbox!! I haven't even had a chance to look yet, it's a BIG download.

Thanks girls for giving me your wonderful products to scrap with. I'm only too happy to pass on the good word to other scrappers. Hopefully this might inspire someone to shop at your stores.