Friday, October 5, 2007

Addicted to actions!

While doing my page for LJD I played around with my photos. I tried everything until I got them right. Then I thought "How the hell did I do that?" so I started again but this time hit record while I played around. And so I ended up making my very own photo actions! Sure they aren't professional quality but they did the job. So now I am hitting record every time I start to experiment! haha.

Great day today, I lost 200g which ain't much but it is better than gaining it hey? Then we got some donuts and went to the park to eat them. Deacon's friend Thomas was there which was great for Deacon to have a play, and Kaylee just loved running after the big boys. So being good I gave my donut to Thomas. Deacon was banned from TV and computer all day for not eating breakfast or getting dressed when he was told. It ended up a great day for him, he played, he painted, he went in the sandbox, flew his kite etc....and never even harped for the TV. What a great kid he is, I have two wonderful kids. So lucky.

So now I get a good chance to play on the computer, I just know I'll be experimenting with actions all night! My new favourite hobby hehe.