Sunday, October 21, 2007


What a totally fabulous weekend we had. The weather was so gorgeous. We spent most of yesterday & today outside. Both kids running around in just their underwear & nappy. We put a bit of water into the wading pool and had a picnic outside. Great family time together. Plus washing all done, folded and away! YAY for once I am ahead. I was so on top of it today, all the housework, washing, and everything done by 8am, so I even went and did the grocery shopping at 8am!

Well bad part was I have had sore throat, blocked nose, conjunctivitis & headache all weekend as well. I did manage to be productive today though. I made a Label Tape action. I am totally loving it, best thing I have ever made. I am so happy with the quality. God it took some stuffing around though! SO I am sharing some of it with you. Keep a look out for the action to make your own.

Grab your Label Tape quotes here