Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Weightloss and Calorie King

OK the weight loss obsession.
It started on August 13th 2004. A week after Deacon's 2nd birthday and I had had enough. A talk at my weight loss club got me started and I haven't looked back. She was a girl I had known for forever. I had never even considered her to be overweight, to me she was just 'built like a brick sh*thouse' if you get my drift. She had lost 50kg and looked fantastic. So I followed her plan and lost my 20kg in 6 months. Just following the calorieking plan, watching my calories, recording what food I ate, drinking 2Lt of water every day and walking every day. I was at my first goal of 60kg when I fell pregnant so I took a year off, but now am less than 2kg away from my final goal of 55kg. So maybe it's not really an obsession but it is definately a big part of my life and will be forever, I have to think about what I eat or else I'll just gain it all back.I love talking on Ck and not always about weightloss, but I do like to help others who are struggling, if I can lose weight then ANYONE can!!! This site has helped me so much, and that was before I even became a member.

Luv Megs xxx