Thursday, July 24, 2008

A very smelly situation...yuck!

poo...that's right POO!

UGH I had just bathed the kids and they were all ready for bed. I came in from the laundry and Kaylee was bottomless (not an uncommon occurrence) and I noticed marks on her legs like big bruises. As I got closer I realised they were brown...and very smelly. OMG she had just had a poo on the floor, trampled it all over the carpet! And smeared it all over her body. I had no idea where to even start, Jason is at work. So we managed to take bath #2 for the day and then clean up the mess. I feel so gross and have sprayed every surface I can find. I'll have to get the carpet cleaners in to give the carpets a good clean. This is so disgusting! She has never done anything like this. And I have heard so many gross poo stories from friends before and always loved that I hadn't had to deal with a poo incident. Deacon never ever did this!

Well night #2 in the big bed wasn't so successful. About 3am I hear a little voice beside the bed "muuuuummmmmy" so she came in for a little cuddle and back to her bed. 10 mins later I can feel something ticking me on the back! So back to bed. Another 10 mins later she is climbing up onto Deacon's bed to wake him up. So this time she had to go into the cot which made her very upset, but at least we managed to get some sleep. So tonight is #3. Here's hoping.

Now I need a shower....ugh. Soooooo gross.