Friday, July 25, 2008

Big girl bed night #3

Well maybe all the pooping pooped her out? But night #3 was pretty successful. She slept till 4am. Came in for a cuddle & a bot. Went back for 10 mins, came in for a cuddle. Then went back until 8am. So I can handle nights like that! I just can't handle more poop stories lol. Thanks for making have a laugh, good to know we all have yucky situations like that now & again. I am just glad neither of mine have been poop eaters...I know kids who do that.....gross!!

Well we are off to Ballarat. I am having a well needed haircut! My treat. I am even thinking of a whole new style. We'll see and I promise a photo if I do. Tomorrow is hair colour day, too many greys! It's exactly a week since Paige was born and I haven't even taken the photo's off the camera! So bad.

I am also going online shopping tonight and buying some Miss Mint goodies, and have a scrap. I haven't been shopping there since Valentines day. So my treat tonight.