Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's in a name?

Hi guys.

I have to post a little about some PM's and emails I have been getting recently. A lotof people have contacted me about this thread at DST HERE. Thanks for keeping an eye out for me and I really appreciate your concerns. Maria's last name is Fergason...hence the name Ferg Designs.

And I don't own the rights to using Flergalicious or Fergalicious as the case may be. This is a spin on the song by Fergie as most people would know.

And lastly people have pointed out a kit name similar to mine, but there are loads of Secret Garden kits if you look. And mine certainly wasn't the first. It is a book and a movie and a common name to use. And I was even accused by someone at DST a little while ago of stealing the kit name from another designer!
So I know how it feels to have people saying things that aren't true.

So thanks for keeping an eye out for my guys, I really appreciate it but it's all cool.
We sell at different stores and have totally different styles. There's no hard feelings between us.

Just remember one has an L and one doesn't lol!
No flames here, just 2 designers with some similar name choices.

And I promise I didn't have a secret CT call like my CT member Lynn thought! hahaha.
In case you haven't seen my gorgeous girls here they are! Click below to go to my website.

I've been tagged!


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7 random facts about me:

1. I can play the bagpipes and have done since grade 3.

2. My favourite game of all time is Dungeon Keeper.

3. I am very very shy in real life, but when you know me I am very very loud.

4. The most famous person I have ever met is Mick Fleetwood.

5. We have a beach house next door to Kasey Chambers' grandmother. And I pashed her brother Nash once (like 18 years ago)

6. I cut my own hair and haven't been to a hairdresser in years.

7. I was once obese and lost 27kg or 59 lb in 7 months. I am thinner now than I was when I got married.

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