Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hi all. A litle update. 2 harddrives are ok, 2 are gone. They are actually wiped, and everything is gone for good at this stage.

The 2 surviving ones had all of my downloads, CU stuff & designing tools. And the glitter! And of course most important of all my photos.

I have lost all new stuff I was working on though.

Kaylee is still sick. She has anti biotics but is impossible to give them to. So I slip them in a bottle of milk every now & again. First she had a raging fever & was just sleepy, now she is a screaming mess. Pretty much just screams and sleeps all day & night. I have had to sit in the armchair with her all day & most of the night. Luckily now she is alseep.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words & thanks Liv for offering my old files back. Luckily they are all in store so I can get them all if I need.

And last night we plugged my harddrives into Jason's computer to check what I had left, then when we were finished his computer died!!! OMG all night he was stressing out. Luckily it is running again, and I can check my mail etc....I even managed to put CS2 on! It is so crappy compared to my lovely CS3 but it was my only option. My CS3 is missing somewhere and I have hunted high & low for it.

Lastly my friend Monica of MGL Scraps has her part of the Love Actually kit up!! Looks gorgeous too so rush over & snap it up!