Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Update #3185746 or so it would seem

Thank god I found CS3!! Woo hoo it was in our ancient laptop. Jason remembered I tried to install it so I could design in bed or out in the shed etc...but it was so ancient it wouldn't even install.

Kaylee is almost back to normal. So far today we only had a few little screaming fits, and no having to nurse her in the armchair all day. But she has now got spots on her chest & back, if they are still there tomorrow we will be paying the doctor a visit again. But they don't seem to be bothering her at all. Plus the poor mite has 3 bottom molars breaking through all at once. And this kid is impossible to give pain killers to so she has to just put up with it. Deacon would drink a whole bottle of medicine if I let him. But Kaylee almost bit my finger off today trying to give her some nurofen :(

Well that's about it. No more designs, no scrapping, no anything!!

And next week, Feb 28th is my 35th birthday. SO that means 35% off EVERYTHING for 24 hours starting midnight on the 28th Eastern Standard Time just to be safe. Coupon code will be sent out to newsletter subscribers just before the day. I'll hopefully whip up a little birthday freebie too for you all!!