Sunday, February 17, 2008

I have a hater!

Ok I don't know why this 'broad' has decided to single me out. But I certainly don't want her to think I am ripping anyone off. Go check her out and make up your own mind. She even signed up at DST just to link to her blog to stop people buying glitter from me. Because I am apparently the ONLY designer to sell glitter yeah?


LOL maybe I stole her thunder?? Oh and I forgot to add in my comment to her that it is different than how I do mine, so thanks for the new ideas LOL!! Aren't I cheeky!!

And don't forget girls that now you can get custom made glitter & glitter gel made.

Oh and rest assured people, the more I get bashed for selling glitter, the more I make to sell!!! Rest assured ladies there will be more glitter coming! Oh I know how you all love it. And there is even a freebie glitter style in the new newsletter!! woo hoo addicted to the glitter.

I am having a 35% off coupon code in the next newsletter. So sign up before February 25th to make sure you don't miss out!!

Then you can use it to buy more glitter! LOL.


For someone who hates MY glitter so much, isn't funny that her website is covered in glitter!!! Seriously. Get a life love.


Oh and here too

mmmm thanks again for the free advertising and blog bashing Jema but I think I will just stick to what my customers want. Best of luck with your scrapping site. Don't use too much fake digital glitter now OK? LOL.