Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Worst parent ever!!!

I will get to the meaning of my title in due time!

Well it has been a fantastic response to my CT competition so far. Entries are dwindling right down now so it is getting easier to view all of the layouts. Wow we have had some awesome pages entered and man o man is it a hard job deciding!!!

A bit of a toot firstly! My local paper has started using some of my elements for their advertising features. I made some notepapers, cork board, thumbtacks, post it notes etc...for their back to school special. And today I did stuff for their future Valentines Day feature. So I am kind of published!! LOL.

Saturday we went to the beach at Queenscliff. A miserable weather day, 18C, wet, overcast, cold. So we didn't bother with any sunscreen for any of us. Lo & behold if Kaylee isn't burnt to a crisp!!! She is red as a beetroot the poor little thing and we feel like we are the worst parents ever! Even Britney would remember the sunscreen on a wet day! :( She has blisters even.

Other than that it was a fab day. It was actually quite nice in the water even though the weather was so miserable. Photos from Kaylee's first day at the beach.