Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monica Larsen Rules!!!

OMG she is the sweetest person in the entire world!

I emailed her yesterday (I think) asking about her Alpha Saver Action. And this morning she emails it to me to try before I buy!!! Now it doesn't end there. I was already convinced to buy it after her fabulous generosity, and I emailed her back to thank her. But unfortunately the zip file didn't work. So not only did she send through again, she sent through a THIRD time when that one didn't work!!! Now that is above and beyond in my world.

It takes a lot of trust to do that. Because I could have just said no thanks I don't like it but kept it anyway. So I have paid Monica for her action and have used it to death already. It has seriously paid for itself 10 times over.

If you make alpha's you need this action. Make your alpha in one sheet (the easy way) then run this action and it converts each letter into a separate PNG file for you. And if Monica could make it for a MAC I know a few people who would love it.

Grab it by clicking the pic.

Well yet again I have no layouts to share. I am hopeless I know. And Lindsay has the cutest girly kit out. I know the exact photos to use with it too. Here is a peek. So cute.
It's 42% off too! (42% what a weird number!!)
And my butterfly's are up at www.scraphead.com if you like butterfly's like I do.
Well that's it from me. It has been a big day. A birthday party at playgroup and working all afternoon today. Not much computer time at all. I'm off to check out all of the layouts I have been linked to with my products being used. So cool.