Sunday, August 19, 2007

Saturday & Sunday

2 days in one. I didn't get a chance to post yesterday.
The weather was fab and I didn't have a car all day, so the kids & I walked to the playground for a picnic lunch. Kaylee just loved the slide, she went down everyway possible. Then we had Melissa, Milo & Ella come over for a BBQ tea. I had a hamburger and it was soooo good. Even managed to be 50cals under for the day with it. Such a fun filled sunny day, Kaylee even slept all night! Poor Deke woke up with a fever though. He even hated taking medicine for it, and usually gulps it down like ice cream.

Another fabulous sunny day. Deacon has a fever and just wanted to stay in bed. So he stayed there until 10.30am. I asked him if he wanted to stay home in bed or go to nana's and he chose nana's. He seems chirpier once he was up & about but definately isn't his usual hypo self. I went to lunch with the playgroup girls. It was so good, warm BBQ chicken salad. I estimate it's only about 300 cals but I said 400 to be safe. Then I went and had a 1/2 serve of mud cake grrrr.....I should have left it. But I should be ok on cals if I eat my vegie soup for dinner and nothing else.
Time to vote for DNTS today, I know which ones I love and one is a definate to scrap. So pretty. I can't wait till tomorrow for this weeks task.
Here is my latest I did yesterday. Thomas' face is blanked out obviously in case his parents object. It's kins of a double page with the similaritys. Deacon to a T, he just loves green. His kinder photos were just amazing, he is a photogenic chap. So gorgeous he should be a model.