Monday, September 22, 2008

Peppermint fun!!

sooooo have you seen Miss Mint's new site??? And she is finally revealing herself! squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I love her in case you haven't worked that out by now :D:D:D

So we've already broken the store :( and there are competitions going!! Oh no. I had to use stuff from my already overloaded Peppermint Creative stash! Oh the horror! I wanna spend money and I can't waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.

So here is my little entry. If you want to take up the challenge as well then take a look HERE.

I also did another for the totally RAD actions competition as well. But that is of boring old me so I am not posting hehe. Aren't my kids the most gorgeous things ever!!! (after your own of course)

Well I have been super duper busy!! It's school holidays here. And guess what? SICKNESS strikes AGAIN :( crikey has there been a week without a sick kid in this house??? Deacon came home from school Friday and slept until lunch time Saturday. He even missed out on his cousin's 2ND birthday. Jason & Kaylee went while we stayed home. Now Kaylee has been sick all day. UGH it is never ending.

Yesterday we had a day outside and went to fly our kites. Where is Dora the explorer? Ask the pilot of the jet she probably hit on her way up into space...cos that's where she was headed. I have no idea where she ended up because I had a bawling 2 year old to drag home devastated after losing her kite :(

So we went and rode bikes on the netball courts and made daisy chains.

Deacon is a whiz at Lego! He's building it on his own now. Following instructions etc...Jason paid waaaaay too much for the hardest leg ever released. The Millennium Falcon. A whopping 5000 pieces and made for 16 years +. Well guess what? Our 6 year old has almost completed it in a week :( Yeah THAT was totally worth the money...NOT! We are going to send in the photos of him building it to LEGO. Maybe they'll send him something :D who knows. Oh and we did NOT pay $1000 either gee whiz!!! We got it off ebay, crikey I had no clue it was worth that much!!! I still think we paid too much at 1/2 that price.

And lastly. We had a death in the family :( Chippers the baby rooster died on Saturday. Deacon incubated him at school and bought him home to keep. I have no idea why but he just carked it on Saturday morning. I tried everything to keep him but he didn't pull through. R.I.P Chippers.