Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Spaghetti Incident

Sorry I couldn't resist a Guns n Roses reference lol.

Well a few things to catch up on. The Spaghetti Incident? Well Monday night Kaylee kept sneezing and rubbing her nose at dinner time, usually a sign of someone shoving something up their nose (Deacon & a bead comes to mind). Anyway we checked and checked and couldn't see anything. So we left it to see and in a few mins she got over it. So anyway yesterday morning Kaylee comes into the bathroom and sneezes....out out pops a 2" long piece of fettuccine!!! I don't think she shoved it up there, I think she sneezed or coughed while eating and it probably got blown up there??? Crazy!!

And now Deacon has the CHICKEN POX!!! All over. He was last in his class to get it and I hoped he'd mised it. Kaylee shouldn't get it because she has been vaccinated, but Deacon missed out on getting his CP needle.

We also had dress up day at school, I'll post some photo's later today. Deacon was Harry Potter and SO proud!! He still wears his cape lol. He was the only Harry Potter too and all the teachers LOVED his choice of book character.

Back later....I am off to Ballarat!! And buying a treadmill yay!! Starting on the weightloss bandwagon yet again. I've gained 5 kilos this year :(