Monday, August 11, 2008

Kaylee's new haircut (waaaaah)

OK this is cut #3 in a fortnight :( First time was at the side. Last week was the back with blunt toenail scissors! And tonight was a doozy! She got the paper scissors from the drawer and snuck into the lounge room while we were doing Deacon's reader for school and went CHOP!!

Take a squiz.



Worst part is we are having family photos on Saturday :( I am just so upset it is making me laugh. So silly. It's only hair...but she looks like she has a mullet!!! It's so gross.

And here are some snaps from Deacon's party on Saturday. It was so crazy I hardly had time to even take any photos:( While I absolutely LOVE my canon rebel...I find I take less photos since we got it. The old one was always just sitting at my desk handy. But this one has to be put away in its case and is a pain to get out, add a lens and go.

Wednesday night at home: