Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturday night we went out to our local Playgroup's Annual Trivia Night. Last year our table won the night!! How sad that this year the theme was Aussie night and we came 3rd!! Oh man I know more about American TV & history than I do about Australia!!! I think we got ripped off on a couple of questions though. Everyone here knows that the original Mad Max movie had scenes shot in Clunes, about 15 mins from here. But the answer was Coober Pedy!!!! Crazy!! It was such a fun night all the same. And stupid me wrote the wrong answer down even though I KNEW the right one!!! arggggg it happened a couple of times. But maybe I was a little tipsy? I had 3 fruit tingles (blue curacao, vodka and raspberry) and I haven't touched a drink in over 6 years!!

I'll post some fun photos later in the week. My friend Megan will kill me for it!

I even found time to scrap this weekend.