Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is it!

This is what started my digital scrapbooking journey.
This layout is that started it all.

I was a paper scrapper who hung out and posted layouts at twopeas for years. It was the only site I ever visited and I had no idea there was anything else out there.

Then one day I spied this gorgeous layout by Juliet (Ranie). I tried and I tried to re create it with paper but the results were always so disappointing.

Then probably on my 100th visit to her gallery to stare at this layout I noticed one of the tags said 'digitally created'. I couldn't believe this work of art was made on a computer!!! All digital layouts I had seen before this in Creating Keepsakes were so boring and looked digital. Until this.

So I asked a friend about digital...what programs to use etc. And of course we always have photoshop at home through Jason's work. Here I am using it to resize photos! Never even knew what a layer, a style, or an action even was! Crazy.

Then the hunt started...I was a BIG time freebie hunter! Miss Mint & Shabby Princess started me out. Those girls are the best!

And this is how I even found my way to DST eventually.

With the layout above I followed the credits to Catscrap. Actually making my first ever online purchase. Catrine's Aged Frames. Then browsing the gallery I found someone had done a scraplift of this page: and linked it to Juliet's DST gallery. Once I found her DST gallery I was officially a stalker! lol. Then the rest is history!! (see how important credits are!)

When I grow up I want to be just like Ranie hehe.

Here are my embarrassing rip off's and keep in mind they were using mostly freebies too. I think the only item I used that I had actually purchased at this stage was the swass brushes by Shandy Vogt.

Before I realised scraplifting didn't mean recreating someone's page exactly the same! Oh and I hadn't even discovered shadows yet! lol Oh and they are like my 3rd or 4th attempts at scrapping so no laughing!!

Oh my I hate looking back at old pages! hehehe


I must also make an apology. Last night I posted my blog address wrong in the blog train and sent people to the wrong site! Who would have thought one little S missing from the address could be so wrong? Want to see where I sent them?

Click me

I just feel sorry for anyone who went looking for THAT site and ended up here recently...what with all the Evilicious talk...skulls, devils horns and the like! People must think I am a crazy satan worshipper now. Oh my.