Monday, June 2, 2008

Oh my freaking god is all I can say about the comment some anonymous loser left on my blog post yesterday.

In case you missed it, here it is again:

I hate to think what you're doing to this child's self-esteem by calling her evil, and doing it in public is disgusting. If you think she's evil, she will grow up to prove you right. Maybe you need to spend more time with her instead of blogging ugly things about your child. You and she need professional help.

Any 'normal' parent would know that her "Evil McEvil" nickname is exactly that! A NICKNAME!!

Kaylee is the most adorable, happy, loving, sweet little girl ever! So that just shows what horrible parents we must be huh? To have 2 of the best children a parent could ever ask for?

Oh I could post all of our other nicknames like Mrs Bum, cutie pie, Angel Pop etc....but that wouldn't have been as funny now would it? Or I could bore you with my constant drivel about what perfect children I have. But instead I choose to highlight the funny things. We call Deacon Nobby, doesn't make for good reading now does it? Or will that cause him to become a psycho later on?

So out of all the visitors I have ever had it seems that only one has ever felt the need to attack me. Says more about YOU doesn't it? I feel sorry for you that you don't have an ounce of fun in your body. As if I really think my child is evil??? And you think I go around telling her she is? No it is a joke. We used to call her Evil Knieval when she would climb and do crazy stuff before she could even walk...then Deacon called her Evil Mc Evil and it stuck.

So how about you take a good look at your own life before coming and bashing mine. And how about you take a chill pill and have some fun in your life. Your kids will appreciate you for it. All I hear is blah blah blah from you Ned Flanders. Go tell someone who cares cos' no one here does.

Oh and lastly "Maybe you need to spend more time with her instead of blogging ugly things about your child" mmm when exactly should I spend more time with her? When she is in bed sleeping and I am blogging? You really think it takes me all day to blog? Lets see, she's awake for a total of 14 hours a day and I spend all 14 home with her and use the computer at night when they are asleep and during the day when it is nap time. So tell me exactly how I can spend MORE time with her? I'd love to know.

Maybe you are a mum who ignores your kids all day while you sit at the computer but I am not. My kids are my life and are my #1 priority from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed at night. At least my kids are well fed, clean, happy, and loving. Maybe you should take more concern with kids who are in real trouble and are neglected and abused. Heck one little girl in my son's class never has breakfast, goes to school without socks, has no teeth, constantly has head lice, and only ever has lunch in her bag 2 days out of 5...if she is lucky.

When I read the comment this morning I actually laughed out loud because it is so off the mark. And I feel a little sorry for you that you have too hurt others to feel good about yourself. If it were true I'd just delete the comment. But as it is so ridiculous it is actually funny I'll let everyone see it! If you don't like what I write then don't read it! Period!

I wonder if anyone else calls there kids funny names too?

Oh and you'll LOVE the kit I have planned...Deliciously Evil!!! With loads of devil horns, angel wings and more. Just for those little angels and devils out there. I think Kaylee has a tshirt that says 50% naughty 50% nice. Sums up most kids I think!

From the comments:

Erika: LOL on the snot shot...maybe I used the clone tool to get rid of something in her right nostril??? I will never tell!
Tracie: The glittered heart is actually part of that word art. It is in my 'Sweet Words' word art pack.
And to everyone else...man those nicknames are hilarious! Some make me blush even! lol. But watch out or we'll all be reported for being bad mothers! And the new kit is coming along. Loads of Evil inspiration! Absolutely perfect for those broody, moody teenage girls & boys too!