Sunday, June 29, 2008

A big thanks!

To all the people who gave me wonderful emails and show of support recently.

I can't say too much. But recently I was involved in an issue of a designer taking items from my kits and reselling them as her own. As well as erasing my borders to make her own. A few of you saw my little picture I posted before I got a chance to take it down.

Anyway without going into a big drama I just wanted to say thanks to everyone.

I don't go around accusing people willy nilly and I did have a lot of proof to back up my story. And unfortunately the designer in question didn't or didn't even make an attempt to prove me wrong. She has stopped selling now. But is opening a new store soon, so I'll be keeping an eye out as will a lot of designers I'd say.

So lets move on!

My mojo was zapped well and truly as you can imagine. BUT it has come back 3 fold! So what does that mean??? That means a grab bag for July! With all NEW products. So far I am up too over 10 separate items with even more to come! It has all different types too, rainbow colours, muted boy-ish colours, metals, acrylics, black, glitter....the list goes on!!

I am still working on it soooooo if you have any requests they just might make it in!

We had a day out yesterday and I'll post some photo's soon. We went to Ella's 2nd birthday at Fun Bugs and it was a hoot! Both kids just went crazy!!! Like they had been let out of the zoo or something. So back later with some photo's I hope.