Sunday, May 11, 2008

Evil McEvil

What are you talking about? I hear you say.....

It is Kaylee's nickname.

Not sweetie, sugar, puddin, angel...........it's Evil McEvil.

I haven't got the photo's yet but so far this week she has chopped off the front portion of her hair, waxed off her left eyebrow with my eyebrow wax, stuck a pin in my boob, almost got the potatoes off the stove & poured ice cream in my handbag.

That is just the recent events. There are far too many to list. My house & couch are covered in pen, she has wrecked our digital set top box somehow, toast etc in the DVD player, poured chocolate milk straight onto the NEW set top box remote control, scrapes DVD's & CD's on the tiles, and much more.

When I pick her up from Mum's every Thursday she says "Thanks God you're here....please take her home" so heaven knows what she has put my poor Mum through all day!!!

Oh and I forgot yesterday her brother left the laundry door open. So while I was in the shower she escaped through the doggy door and got onto the trampoline!!! OMG if she fell off it she would be in so much trouble. It is over concrete, I'd hate to think what would happen.

I am in for some serious trouble when this chick hits 14!

Well I got a sleep in for Mother's day which was good. My gift was my new monitor from last week. But Deacon made me a gorgeous card and I got a recipe book from his class. He was so proud.

We went and saw Mum. I gave her some new jeans and a beautiful knitted top. The kids gave her some flowers.

We went back later for dinner. SO good, corned beef & vegetables then golden syrup dumplings & pavlova for dessert!!!

A great relaxing Mother's Day. I even managed to make some bracket shaped Quick Pages when the kids went to bed. So much fun.