Sunday, April 6, 2008

Look what I got!

Take a look at what my good friend Monica made me! (Or you as the case may be!) a gorgeous set of CD quick pages! So they are going in store tomorrow along side the kit. And they are on sale for a few days as well. Monica AKA mgl Scraps HERE & HERE


And today was the big final meet of Deacon's Little Athletics club. Oh he had so much fun! He came home with four ribbons and a medal!!!

Shot put: 2nd
100 metre run: 5th

Long Jump: 4th

Discus: 2nd.

And he got a silver medal for overall imporvement etc...he was just so happy to get ANYTHING! We are so proud. I think it was the best day of his life!

I'll post some photo's tomorrow. My camera batteries are dead. I managed to snap a few before they died on me. I love that little man!! He is back to school tomorrow. I am almost crying already!


And lastly. I have had a LOT of requests for my flowers. Well guess what? They are coming soon, CU ok. Soon to Sugarplum Paperie the flowers I have used to death are now going to be available. You may have noticed these little beauty's in a few of my packs LOL. Truth is I just LOVE them so much I can't stop using them! But I know I have too, and it makes me so sad.
Oh well. See I love them so much I even adorned my blog with them!

Why Sugarplum Paperie? Because they were Nicole's! I extracted them for our collab Grasshopper Kisses and held them hostage all these months.

Goodbye my lovelies....it has been fabulous!!

(Nicole & Monica you WERE paying attention)