Friday, April 4, 2008

Denim Blues

Hey gang. I just finished something new.
It is available from tomorrow but only to newsletter subscribers AND it is 20% off!

And here is a sneak peek of what it looks like, you'll see the whole thing when you get your newsletter.

AND it matches the new boy borders.

Not much news from me yet again. All work & no play :( Deacon has a Little Athletics trial on Sunday. I think they all get a little medal for participating. He isn't going to be an Olympic athlete let's just say. But he has so much fun, and that's all that matters. Next time we are going to do Ninja Nippers. Tae Kwan Do for juniors.

And a little toot for me. I am featured in the April Issue of Bella Scraps Magazine!

My gorgeous friends Liv & Shauna both "tagged" me
so I am going to try and answer these 8 questions for them both!

1. Four jobs I have held: I have only ever had 1! LOL. A hairdresser at Carey's Ultimate Style. Before I started my own hairdressing business.
2. Four movies I could watch over and over:
Love Actually.
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Strictly Ballroom.
3. Four places I have lived: Maryborough & Geelong. That is IT!
4. Four TV shows I like:

America's Next Top Model.
Four people who email me regularly:
Dave & Kim.
6. Four favorite foods:
Chicken Stir Fry.
Coleslaw from Chicken Maryland.
Warm chicken salad with balsamic vinegar & kecap manis.
7. Four places I'd rather be:
In bed.
Visiting the Sunshine Girls.
At the computer LOL.
8. Four people I'm tagging:
1. Vasco
2. Diane
3. Brooke
4. Kristi