Sunday, March 9, 2008

New stuff...

...but not mine!

These are 2 quick page sets I did as a favour to 2 of my friends.

One for Monica & one for Ellie. I have linked up both sets for you guys. And the matching kits are well worth the money! They were so easy to use that I had to stop myself making too many. Beautiful kits from 2 beautiful ladies!!

And Nicole & Ellie have teamed up to bring you this! How stunning is it!

And this is by my friend Kristi. I think we all LOVE butterflies??? And can never have enough. Gorgeous rich colours in this kit too.

I just found a wierd comment on one of my kits in the prodcut gallery. I don't know if she was accusing me of copying someone else's kit??? Or just pointing out a similarity.

***I've edited out the rest. I had a vent and now I am moving on. I am not taking the 'bait', instead I will try to ignore the haters in future. I have a clear concience. I don't need to copy.***

***And thanks guys for letting me have a vent. Sometimes we need it!***

Here is the layout which inspired Nana's Secret Garden. And I'll leave it at that.