Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Wow!! Today was Deacon's day alrighty!!

First up another awesome day at school. Then we went shopping after and the check out lady gave him some stickers. He says "aaaw you are the nicest lady ever!" then she gave him some more for having such good manners, so he went around the back and gave her a kiss! I think he made her day a lot brighter.

Then off we go to the bakery for a treat and the sweet guy gave Deacon & Kaylee an iced donut each for free!! WOW he got the message today that good manners go a long way.

This is so funny too I have to share. Last week we were getting ready to go to the pool, and the house was like a bombsite so I said "We are not going until this house is tidy, please put your toys away & clean your room, the faster you do it, the faster we can go". So away Deacon goes and is cleaning up all of his mess and as quick as she can, Kaylee is messing it all up again. So I hear this from out in the lounge (Deacon to Kaylee) "Maybe if we put our toys away before bedtime, we wouldn't have so much to clean up in the daytime?"

woo hoo! He finally got it!! Now Deacon's room is spotless, he even closes the door so Kaylee can't go in & mess it up again. Now he wants to even do the dishes every night. I hope his future wife/girlfriend appreciates this!! LOL. I seriously have the best by a mother could ever ask for. And I felt to teary doing these layouts for him, so proud of what an outstanding young man he has already become.

And another new one I JUST finished at midnight!!