Thursday, February 7, 2008

Please Read!!

Sorry but I have only had time to contact a total of 5 people to be my guest CT members. SO if you think you are not on the list because I haven't contacted you, it isn't true. I am doing my best to sort out my year ahead and as you can imagine I have been very busy this week with my new store opening on the same day as my son started school.

I will make it my duty to contact all future guests. Please be aware that I am already up to May so a guest CT month may not by until very late this year or even early next year!!

I am only human so please forgive my slow response and I am still trying to leave every single entrant some love on their layouts. If I had known how negative this CT competition would end up I never would have started t and I'm sorry if anyone is upset by it. For the record there will be no future CT calls and I will just contact people for spots. I have everyone's information saved for future reference, as this is how I will choose any future CT members from now on.

Again, sorry if you have been upset by this competition, it was meant to be a bit of fun.

This just in!!!

What do you get when you mix a 20 month old & a packet of Cocoa right before bedtime???


"It wasn't me....."

Now excuse me while I go mop the floor!!!!! I can feel a page coming on LOL.