Friday, February 29, 2008

Glitter Tutorial

This might be of some help to some of you fellow glitter addicts? Sometimes when you use glitter in a canvas smaller than 3600 x 3600 it defaults back to 45% and looks less than perfect.

Tutorial is for Photoshop. I have no idea about elements sorry. But maybe you can decipher my instructions ito help you in Elements?

To adjust the size of the glitter in PSdouble click here:

Then adjust this slider to make it look 'right'


Want it to look like sprinkled glitter?

Choose a round or square brush, 25px-50px is good.

Set it to Scatter.

And also play with the size jitter & angle jitter.

Play with the spacing.

Then brush, and add glitter style to finish! Also adding a very small shadow makes it look more 3D.