Saturday, December 1, 2007

1st day of Summer! and a freebie

So I did a nice happy bright summery page with PLENTY of glitter! And I love it. I finally used my beautiful Tracy Ann papers (cardboard) and they are awesome. You get the cardboard then little paper inserts to change. Such a unique idea. I'm hoping she sells the paper, I love it. Very Nana looking to me KWIM? Reminds me of Nan's apron or something.

And Kaylee even made it into gallery standouts!! woot woot!! LOOK

Plus while I was doing the layout I had an idea and just uploaded it! So will be instore soon. Build your own customs flowers. First pack is nice bright colours. I will hopefully release another muted pack soon.

Does it make sense?

And a quick Christmas Freebie I whipped up tonight having a play around!

Grab it HERE