Friday, November 9, 2007


I am officially a designer!


And I even get a very special blinkie!!

And here's one for YOU! Only if you want it!!

Here are a few items of mine coming soon so keep a look out!!

And I have loads of photo actions too:

And I have soooo many more things coming!!!My head is so full. But don't worry, I will stil have weekly freebies! I have over 10 weeks worth already done and waiting to upload! I stockpiled while I had the time because I knew my time was limited over the Christmas period.

Anyone who liked my free Halloween Labels can get my Label Tape action to make your own. Comes in 10 colours & includes black. A very realistic looking label tape if I do say so myself. Easily recoloured to match ANY layout.

Also my photo cluster actions make it so easy, they even include realistic drop shadows.

And I have had a lot of people comment on my alpha's I have been using on my own layouts recently, well they are in store. The Bling Bling & Gold Bling Bling alphas come with & without the sparkle effect. They're my new favourite alphas!!


Glossy 3D puff paint alpha in pink & black with instructions to recolour easily. Click the pic for the link.

And this one