Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm on a roll!!

4 layouts in one week! hahaha considering I used to do a layout a day! I have certainly changed haven't I!! I am making sure I dedicate some time to actual layouts this weekend!

And as Liv pointed out, not many of Kaylee's layouts don't have pictures of food on her face!! Do you now understand her nickname of Godzilla!?!

So here is my latest for SaraAmarie

Well today is my 10 year wedding anniversary. No special plans, just a normal day. We don't do fancy things or go out, just take away and home together for the day. Here we are 10 years ago! Me about 20 kilos heaver, Jason about 20 kilos lighter!!

And woo hoo, did you notice my blog is now ranked number 17? Look down the bottom at the left!