Thursday, November 29, 2007


New layout using my new kit, hope it shows it off ok. It's more than just glitter if you notice! It does have papers & some other stuff (an in joke, don't worry) I love these pics of Kaylee. It's a twist on a layout I did for someone else a while back, and that layout was the inspiration for the colour palette for this kit.

Well I got a bit of a bashing at the digital dish today. I won't bother going back, it used to be great to get some honest thoughts about products but now it just ends up nasty every day and today was my turn. I don't give a toss about the poster who basically said I sucked and only do glitter, that doesn't phase me. It's an anon post from an anon person, no biggy. If people think I suck then good-o, they won't be buying my stuff. I don't consider myself to even be a designer, not even close to one actually. But I am doing what I enjoy and if I make some money then that's a bonus hey!

What does upset me is the response I got to an offhand remark about being an Aussie.
No way was I being offensive, in fact if the poster cared to know I was actually having a dig at myself. Meaning maybe my being an Aussie is what makes me say what I mean instead of putting on a mask and pretending to be all nice & sugary sweet, maybe I am naive. I'd just rather be myself thanks and stand up for myself than be walked over.
Anyway, all's well that end's well. Someone has decided to try & get my goat I think and wants me to react but I'm not giving them the satisfaction. My downfall is being too open, not scared to be just another anon poster. Thanks to everyone who said nice positive things to me, it was appreciated.
Lastly to anyone who read my comment and also found it offensive please know that it was absolutely NOT meant to be. I am so puzzled how it could be taken in an offensive way. But it's hard to get the jist of how someone is talking through text. I'd love to know who has taken a disliking to me so I can explain it was totally not intended but it will never happen. And now I am being accused of needing the last word so I can't reply it seems. You see it is OK for someone to bash me but it's not ok for me to reply.

Sorry to rant, it just kind of came out and wouldn't stop! I'm really pissed off, so she certainly got what she intended to do. Ah trolls are so fabulous aren't they! How silly that being told I suck doesn't phase me but being told I need to have the last word and that I think everyone is beneath me has me in tears. UGH snap out of it and move on!!

So to the designer that has a problem with me- feel free to continue your fight here if you like. No bother at the digital dish because I won't see it.