Sunday, September 9, 2007

I met Kara!

Well today I met my online friend Kara (choclatekara) how scary. No Kara wasn't scary...just the whole meeting thing. I am a VERY shy person and find it hard to talk and create a conversation. So weird meeting someone that you kinda know but actually don't??? It went well in my mind, I can't speak for Kara. And I got the best chocolate! Haighs malt balls and orange chocolate, soooo good but now I'm soooo sick. Way too much chocolate consumed in one day. And man is she tall!!! I am a midget seriously. In the top pick she was actually bending her knees.
Oh and Kaylee went to A&E tonight but she's ok. Better safe than sorry, as expected he just said keep fluids up etc...10 pooey nappies today! and a change of clothes EVERYTIME!!! She's happy enough, just hope she gets over it soon.

So excited to see the new stuff at Peppermint creative. I couldn't believe how good the free kit was. I did a page straight away, I think it was made just for me hehe. I also bought the new element kit & paper pack but have to wait for paypal. I'll be hanging out to get it