Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not positive enough

Well I must just be considered a troublemaker.
I was rejected for a group about positive thinking. My reply was "I know what your up to Flergs - I'm suprised really, didn't expect it from you." wow talk about jumping to conclusions. Apparently it was because a friend had applied earlier that day and it was a 'coincidence'. SO from now on I'd better check with everyone I know to make sure they don't join same day as I want to. Stupid part is that it is a moderated forum and if I joined to stir or cause trouble I would get booted out and moderated anyway? So why join knowing that? So I will just continue to vent my feelings here. It would have been nice to get some positive feedback from talking with people about stuff rather than just posting randomly. The rules are as follows:
To discuss and share lessons for thinking positively and creating a better lifestyle through changing the body via the mind & spirit.
Come with an open mind... and be changed forever.
Topics discussed include, Positive affirmations, The Secret, Meditation, Spirtuality, and many more.
Anyone is welcome, however I need a reason for joining and also a commitment not to start any "controversies" - to keep it fair for all group members.
Have a great day !
Well apparently everyone isn't welcome. Not me anyway. I know it's only part of a stupid online forum but it has really hit me hard. It's like being back in school and not being good enough again. I don't think I should have to prove myself to anyone. It's just hard to be positive at the moment. I'm having a rant. I'd love to say all of this to a certain person but that's not me. Sure she may read this but chances are she won't. And even so I don't care. She's made up her mind about me so there's nothing going to change it. All I've ever been is positive, trying my best to encourage people with weightloss and helping whenever I can. A few weeks ago I had a massive online fight with a member. I have had constant headaches ever since. SO maybe I am being judged by this one time incident? Maybe I'll just not bother with CK anymore. Well I haven't stopped eating since. Why did I let this get to me? It's so stupid to let this person's opinion of me ruin all the good work I have done lately. And why am I crying over a frigging forum group??? Who am I today?