Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No more CK for me

I've had terrible recurring headaches since a bad incident on CK involving me a few weeks ago. It was a bad bad day all around that Monday. First I was attacked by a member for having my opinion then I got into a fight with another member for the same opinion. I hate people who say that mum's with kids just make excuses for not exercising. Funnily enough the two that had a go at me over this were of course childless. And today's goings on have made me wonder whether CK is worth shedding all these tears over and laying in bed worrying what people I have never met (and will never meet) think of me. The decision is NO. I did it without CK for over 2 years, I can do it without CK now. I'm not gonna go do some blubbery 'I'm leaving' post in the hopes that all of these people will try to convince me to stay. I've told the only people that matter to me and that's enough. I'm not like some people who start threads about every single aspect of their lives. Talk about drama queens, there are enough on CK already. We just have to sort out the great members from the 'look at me' crowd. I'll miss so many great people, but I'll get over it too.